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l0vers_lane is a couples community. If you are not in a serious relationship this is not the community for you.

This community is for all couples, it doesn’t matter your race, sex, or background we do not discriminate here against anyone because we know that love is love.

1. We ask that you please post you survey with in 48 hours. We just want to be able to keep track of who’s a member and who’s not a member.

2. You have to be in a serious relationship, of at least 4 months. Also you must be 14 years of age or older to join the community. We have an age limit to keep out people who break up every other week.

3. Promoting is allowed as long as you put it behind an lj-cut and you promote us back.

4. In your members survey please put “Strolling along lover’s lane” in the lj-cut line and in the subject line please put your names. This tells us you have read the rules.

5. This is NOTa rating community. Everyone most likely will be accepted. ONLY the MODs can accept/reject people.

6. Please NO DRAMA, we are pretty easy going people. If you keep the drama to yourself there should be no problems.

7. All large posts must be behind an lj-cut, this just save the dial-up users a lot of pain and it help everyone else’s friends page.

8. Please put a promo button in your user info to support the community!

Please fill out this survey when you join the community. The purpose of doing this is so we can get to know you and your relationship a bit better.

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Once we get members this section will be up!


Well I am Stefanie, I'm a pretty easy going person and very easy to get along with. I'm 19 and living in Warren, Michigan. I am going to school for business management, I want to some day be able to own/run my own business. If I fail at that my back up career is teaching grades k-6. I love kids; I hope to have a child of my own some day, just not in the near future. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Tom; he is my everything, my shining star, the wind beneath my wings. He’s my only constant, be sides our daughter (a puppy) Annabell, we love her more than anything. Tom and I are huge movie buffs we can watch movies all day if we could. We love music but I rarely have time to listen to it much anymore. I love to jog; keeping in shape is a goal of mine. I have a bad self-esteem and am working on improving it. Since Tom has been in my life it has improved, but it’s not where it should be. I love to make graphics, I’m fairly decent at it, I know my flaws and I am not cocky so I will admit they have flaws. I’m honest and tell it how it is. I dislike drama, it’s one of the worst things ever, there’s no point to it. Well I think I have talked you ear off enough so I will let the other ladies have their turns!



I'm Sam. I am 15 and a freshman in high school.I am from Pikeville, Kentucky. Its a great place. I'm obsessed with volleyball. Its my favorite thing to do. I get along with pretty much everyone, until you get on my bad side. Im loud and love to joke around with just about everyone. But, sometimes I quite. I have a wonderfull boyfriend that I have been with for a little over 2 years. His name is Jonathan, but I call him Neeley(long story).Our favorite thing to do is cuddle under a warm blanket. We love to go up his house and watch a movie on the big screen tv. Even if I love to talk through it. I try to be nice to everyone no matter what. I hate stupid drama. I try to stay out of it. Me and Neeley both have a bad temper but we know how to control it. I tend to joke too much even when Im suppose to be serious. I talk non-stop even when im not suppose to. Well, I guess thats enough for me. Now its Kailey's turn!



I'm Kailey, but I usually go by Kai or Kail. I'm 17 years old & a junior at a high school in Massachusetts. I'm a huge nerd & care way too much about my grades. I'm wicked shy & quiet. I'm a hopeless romantic & am blessed to have found a love so amazing at such a young age. I've been dating my best friend turned boyfriend since November 29, 2004. With each passing day I learn something more about him & things between us couldn't be more amazing. I hate drama more than anything & have no problem telling little white lies to spare people's feelings. I'd consider myself an excellent listener & good at giving advice; I love being people's shoulders to cry on. I love reading & making graphics. I'm pretty much the most boring person on the planet.


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